The Demon’s Angel

Maya Shah The Demon's Angel YA fiction novelThe Demon’s Angel marks Maya Shah‘s debut novel as a YA supernatural thriller about the life and struggles of Neha, a young angel raised by the demon who was sent to destroy her. The book will launch in early 2018.

Maya Shah The Demon's Angel YA fiction novel“Neha was excited to enter her sophomore year in high school. That was until the boy she went out with sprouted wings, and Lucas, the man who raised her since she was a baby, turned into a demon.

Neha is far from human. She is an angel, the natural enemy of demons. An angel raised by a demon has never been heard of before, which makes some angels see her as a threat. Neha not only has to prove that she did not know anything about demons, but she also has to prove that she is on the angels’ side.

And she is. So she thinks.”

The Demon’s Angel is scheduled to be published by Left Hand Publishers in early 2018 and will be available on